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Dopamine dangles and joyful jewels with a statement vintage vibe. Handmade, colourful one~of~a~kind earrings, bracelets and necklaces



Hand blended neutral hues, embellished with glass crystal shards for a not~so~average bride, hen squad and

bridal party

Lets get comfy!

I'm Sophie, the owner, designer, maker, and face behind So & So Studio. I started So & So Studio to spread joy and confidence through mood boosting jewellery. Colourful accessories have been a vital part of my mental and physical health journey and I wanted to share my love of colour with the world. 

My small but bold business started at a time when I was stretching myself too thin. Society expects women to be perfect and great all the time, something I put pressure on myself to achieve and could never live up to, nor do I want to. The jobs I’ve had in the lead up to running So & So Studio have shown me that self love and care are an integral part of everything I do and my aim is so spread more cheerful moments to my lovely customers.


What’s in a name?


So & So n, pl so-and-sos

1. a person whose name is forgotten or ignored, not named.

Anyone that knows me would have probably picked up on my inability to remember the names of lots of things and often I can see what I'm trying to say but can’t remember the name. When I named my business, I visualised people being asked, where did you get your earrings from, with a reply, ‘oh, so and so made them’ so you won’t forget the name! This little club is a space where you’ll be seen, remembered and appreciated!


Sustainability is important to So & So Studio, products are either made in small batches or made to order and where possible, steps are taken to recycle and reduce waste during the making process.



Always amazing and even better in real life than in the picture. Love having a unique piece of jewellery and always get compliments

when I wear!



It always makes me happy to receive a so and so order … They are even more beautifully packaged and more exciting to open … These earrings are just such great quality … They are even lighter than I realised meaning they are also super comfy to wear as well as looking great ♥️


Such a beautiful bracelet! Can’t wait to order more! Incredible quality, uniqueness and detail.

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