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The story 'so' far!


Hey, I'm Sophie, the owner, designer, maker, and face behind So & So Studio.

I live in South Croydon, South London and grew up in Southampton. Hence, there are lots of ‘so’ connections.

I started So & So Studio to spread joy and confidence through mood boosting jewellery. Colourful accessories have been a vital part of my mental and physical health journey and I wanted to share my love of vintage pattern, retro colour palettes and vibrant style with the world. Being different has never been something I’ve wanted to shy away from despite being told by society to reign it in. Making one~off items that are intended for a sole person, makes them feel as special and unique as they are.


I meet so many customers that say they’re ‘scared’ of wearing something to stand out from the crowd, but when they see or speak to me about creatively styling an outfit with pattern, combos and cut, they feel inspired to find their colour and experiment. I adore the reaction I have from customers at markets that just have to have the treasure they spot from a distance, and come running over calling out ‘WOW’! Falling in love with a one~of~a~kind creation. Knowing that it was made only for you makes customers feel they aren’t a ‘So & So’ that will be forgotten or unseen. My customers tell me that they get so many compliments wearing my pieces that they come back for more and each time, are a bit more daring or adventurous from their increasing confidence and developing their wardrobe identity.


Collections start with a connection, often a feeling or theme that I want to create. The sun~catcher collection, jewel toned and reflecting a warm glow, are reminiscent of stained glass windows. The feeling that’s created from light bouncing off the surface, onto the face of the wearer and the space around, can only be mood boosting. They are earrings that allow time for reflection and longer lasting contagious moments of joy.


Slow~making is important to me, and limited quantities of designs are available for each collection, supporting my sustainability plan. Creating with polymer clay ensures pieces are made to last and don’t deteriorate, are durable and in a true vintage fashion, reflect longevity. I use a minimum of 14ct (usually 24ct) gold plated, lead & nickel free posts, chains and findings to ensure quality and reduce sensitivity to the most common irritant metals.

My small but bold business started at a time when I was stretching myself too thin. Society expects women to be perfect and great all the time, something I put pressure on myself to achieve and could never live up to, nor do I want to. The jobs I’ve had in the lead up to running my own business have shown me that self love and care are an integral part of me and everything I do. So & So Studio allows me to keep learning how to best manage my mental and physical health diagnoses, be present for my family and find my developing identity as a Mum. I have the time and space to connect on a personal level with my lovely customers and spread more cheerful moments.


What’s in a name?


So & So

n, pl so-and-sos

1. a person whose name is forgotten or ignored, not named.


Anyone that knows me would have probably picked up on my inability to remember the names of lots of things and often I can see what I'm trying to say in my mind but can’t remember the name of it. When I named my business, I visualised people being asked, where did you get your earrings from, with a reply, ‘oh, so and so made them’ so you won’t forget the name!


You might see this little club and people that join being referred to as So & So’s, vintage vibe and slow fashion lovers. It’s a space where you’ll be seen, remembered and appreciated!

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