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Product Care

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I’ve undergone research and product testing to increase durability and longevity and take steps to ensure that I'm using polymer clay in the most sustainable manner possible. Your So & So Studio purchases will spread a lifetime of joy and happiness if they're treated with care. You can take these steps to keep your goods looking beautiful for years to come.



~ Store me away from sunlight so my colours keep on popping

~ Apply any creams, makeup, perfume or hair products before you put me on

~ Use a slightly damp soft cloth to clean me. Don’t submerge me in water or jewellery cleaner

Polymer clay has a slight bend to it's properties to help it remain strong. Please don't try and bend your jewellery, this is not

    the intended use   

Trinket dishes/tray:

Jesmonite is a resilient material and has durable properties to help with everyday use. I coat all dishes and tray in a sealer to add extra protection. You can take these steps to keep your trinkets doing their job and looking pretty at the same time.


~ Do not put food or liquid in or on them, they are made to house jewellery and accessories

~ Use a damp towel to wipe off stains as soon as possible. They may remain on the product if left unclean for too long

~ They're not dishwasher or microwave safe

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