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Sustainability Plan


Sustainability is important to So & So Studio, and where possible, steps are taken to reduce waste. Byproducts or scraps produced during the making steps are recycled and products and stockists have been carefully selected to lower emissions in the purchasing process. Take a look below at the specific steps So & So Studio is taking to be more mindful of sustainability.



I design and handcraft each pair of earrings and trinket dishes from scratch. Stock is purchased in small quantities and replenished when they are low from UK suppliers where possible. Clay colours are selected for each collection and new packs of clay are opened when scraps are used up. The very nature of hand making is slow and therefore no item is mass produced. Collections are often produced with seasons in mind but are never limited to one particular season and can be worn throughout the year, e.g a ruby red shade can be worn for Valentines, summer dates, autumn walks and Christmas parties all in one. So & So Studio is all about slow fashion!

Packaging is degradable, reusable and recyclable:


 ~ Earring display cards are made from paper and function as business cards and earring displays

 ~ Packaging boxes and bags are made from KRAFT card and can be reused and recycled

 ~ Bubble wrap that comes with material and equipment orders is kept and recycled to store trinket dishes that So & So Studio                      transports to markets/pop~ups

 ~ Tissue paper that comes with your orders can be reused and repurposed. You could use it as cushioning for a gift or make tissue             paper flowers



Jewellery can have a long life following the care and attention put into the making process to allow them to last way into the future. 


I have undergone tests and research myself and through industry professionals to produce items that have durability and longevity and take steps to ensure that I'm using polymer clay in the most sustainable manner possible. 


 ~ Byproducts or scraps produced during the making steps are recycled to reduce waste. For example, leftover patterned clay from a cut    out slab is blended to create a lovely new colour. This process repeats following the making of each collection. Flecks of clay that are      produced during the sanding/drilling steps are stored to use in other designs, that are sprinkled over, and pressed into patterns that        give a delicate confetti~like look    


 ~ Gold plated metal wear is sourced from UK suppliers where possible. If stock is not available, I purchase from the EU​​

 ~ I use lead and nickel free gold plated metal wear (also known as gold~filled in the US) that is over 14ct gold, normally 24ct gold.               Being lead and nickel free reducing the risk of jewellery sensitivity and because they don't tarnish, it increases the longevity of wear.         You can read more about jewellery sensitivities & metals through industry expert Ginger Davis Allman


 ~ Earring posts are backed in resin to give a flawless finish and longevity, they won’t come loose or tarnish with wear


 ~Trinket dishes are made from Jesmonite, an eco product that is water~based not solvent~based, making it kinder to the environment


 ~ In true vintage fashion, if your style and tastes change, earrings can be regifted to a friend or passed to a second~hand shop to share      the love with someone else

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